Executive Coaching, Training and Consulting

Coaches come from a variety of backgrounds – sometimes sport, sometimes psychology, sometimes corporate life. What determines a good coach is really dependent on what you’re seeking. I don’t see myself as an ‘expert’ in your field – that’s your job. Rather, my experience crosses the divide between the business world and personal development. I provide a flavour of psychological coaching that is familiar with corporate pressures and the challenges inherent in commercial or not-for-profit organisations. In leadership, there is often a complex tension of different forces at play e.g. organisational direction, team development (cohesion), differing stakeholder demands, market pressures and individual sense of efficacy and enjoyment in the work. Often, executives are better at managing certain aspects of these tensions and less confident with others which can get neglected. My role is to help you to develop greater awareness of your particular situation and to explore how your choices and actions maintain them. This is supported by discussion, reflection, supportive challenge and creative experiments.


My approach is based on Gestalt theory, heightening awareness and facilitating growth through creative experiments, theory and coaching.



Corporate Background

Over 25 years (1985-2010) as a consultant and in high value sales (BT, Rational Software, IBM, etc) to large corporates like Capgemini, EDS, Accenture, PWC, Steria (Xansa) and Atos Origin (KPMG Consulting), interfacing at all levels to deliver collaboration solutions. During this period and more recently I complemented this experience with training in NLP, Organisational Gestalt, Existential Coaching and Group Work and a doctorate in Existential Psychotherapy.

In 2008 I was employed by AXA ICAS (then the world’s largest provider of global Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP)) as their International Account Consultant responsible for their blue chip clients, delivering training, business risk analysis, consultancy/coaching around people issues for organisations such as CitiGroup, Air Products, Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, DuPont, Honeywell, and Kimberly Clark.


Facilitating Groups and Bespoke Training

I run training in Stress Management, Resilience, Mindfullness for People who Don’t Do Mindfullness, Listening Skills for Sales and many more. These can be tailored for specific needs too. Please contact me for an informal discussion.

Leaders bridge the weight of their teams over the uncertainty of corporate growth and development.