Nigel Smaller BSc, MBACP, DipC, MGHR

Hello, I am Nigel, a qualified counsellor and coach offering counselling services in Reading and Henley-on-Thames and coaching throughout the UK.


Growing up in South London and attending a Brixton comprehensive during the 80s riots wasn't easy. During this period I also suffered bereavement, and health problems but managed to make it to university and a successful corporate career for over 20 years. Getting there and overcoming these and other challenges was crucial to my growth and development and, I believe, contribues greatly to my professional skills today.

Throughout my career, I have always been drawn to the challenges of communication and spent many years consulting on technology , training and processes that target this area. The more I worked, the more I noticed that technology was not the problem (nor the solution). The biggest challenge was invariably to do with people.

Having attended many personal development programmes over the years I eventually undertook training in counselling, which changed my life altogether. I have now complemented this experience by asking some very fundamental questions about what makes us who we are and how this impacts how we are seen and see ourselves. This seemingly very human study is at the heart of every team and project, large and small, and plays a significant role in its outcome.

I now work with both individuals and organisations as a counsellor and coach respectively. I have also worked in a youth counselling charity and currently as a counsellor for MIND.


Registered member of BACP and GHR, NLP Practitioner and Organisational Coach/Consultant. 

Diploma in Gestalt Counselling
Diploma in Organisational Gestalt

NLP Practitioner Certificate
Certificate in Integrative Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy

Currently studying for a Doctorate in Existential Psychotherapy.

My first degree was in Mathematics and Computer Science from Brunel University.

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